In-Office IV Sedation

IV Sedation

At Apple Seeds Pediatric Dentistry, we use IV sedation as our main method of sedation.  Certainly, not every child needs sedation to fully address their dental needs.  However, if sedation is needed for a variety of reasons (see below), we will be sure to fully explain all aspects of care to everyone involved.

As a parent, it is important to know that for each IV sedation case, a medical anethesiologist and nurse attends the child in addition to the board-certified pediatric dentist and dental assistant.   Having medical professionals only focused on the sedation portion of the treatment keeps your child as safe as possible.

A thorough medical assessment is initially reviewed by the pediatric dentist and then reviewed and cleared by the medical anesthesiologists.  The overall health of our young patients is the most important aspect for IV sedation so all measures are researched and covered before any services are provided.

It is also important that both the child and parents are taught prevention and home care so that once a smile is made healthy and pain free, it can stay that way for years to come.

Why IV Sedation Dentistry?

The goal of IV sedation is to provide an anxiety-free dental experience.  For a child who is scared because of previous experiences, their young age, or they are experiencing discomfort, IV sedation allows us to provide the necessary treatment in an environment that is anxiety free.

IV sedation allows all treatment needs to be completed in one visit with a well- trained anesthesia and dental team.  Afterwards, the parents and child can return for normal checkups/encouragement/education in a positive, fun environment.   Prevention, good habits, and home care are the key to a long-term healthy smile.

Lastly, IV sedation allows us to impress a positive image for those children who are scared to come to the dentist.  Children grow in different environments, at different paces, and adapt in different ways, and creating a dental environment where all children can thrive is our practice goal.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation to determine your child's dental needs, as well as if IV sedation is the right choice for your "little one."

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